The Konica Model "FM" Camera


24 X 36 mm (standard 35 mm miniature camera size)
FILM: 35 mm miniature camera film in safety cartridge
STANDARD LENS: HEXANON f/1.4, f = 52 mm, 7 elements in 5 groups or
HEXANON f/1.8, f = 52 mm, 6 elements in 5 groups
Improved amber-coated. Minimum distance, 0.6 meter (2 feet)

Bayonet flange KONICA mount (40 mm diameter,
40.5 mm diameter flanges)

Full aperture for focusing and sighting,
automatic close-down to pre-selected setting while shutter is open
Manual control for depth of field check
VIEWFINDER: Pentaprism, correct orientation, eye-level viewfinder.
0.83 X magnification
FOCUSING: Precise focusing by micro-diaprism focusing spot at center of
view-finder image. Extreme ease of adjustment
MIRROR: Instantaneous return type, with perpendicular travel of the forward edge
SHUTTER: COPAL SQUARE all metal focal plane shutter,
controlled by non-revolving shutter speed dial, equidistantly scaled in 2 X steps:
B 1 • 2 • 4 • 8 • 15 • 30 • 60 • 125 • 250 • 500 • 1000
EXPOSURE METER: Completely self-contained, mercury battery excited
cadmium sulfide (Cds) exposure meter coupled to shutter speed
control for cross reference to obtain correct aperture setting. Dual
(high-low) range. Subject coverage angle, 15º. Battery check button provided
EXPOSURE METER RANGE: EV 2 to EV 18 at ASA 100 film speed.
L (low brightness) range: EV 2 to EV 10.
H (high brightness) range: EV 10 to EV 18
SELF TIMER: Contained in camera body. Setting angle, 70º.
Full delay time, 10 seconds
SYNCHROFLASH: M and X settings. Full flash synchronization at all shutter
speeds with class M flash bulbs. Up to 1/125 second with electronic flash
COCKING MECHANISM: Single stroke, thumb operated cocking lever at top
of camera. 180º swing, automatic film wind, double exposure prevention
OTHER FEATURES: Automatic self resetting film counter,
crank film rewind, self resetting rewind button
LENS HOOD: Special slip-on lens hood, 57 mm diameter
FILTERS: Screw in type, 55 mm diameter, 0.75 mm screw pitch
DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT: 145 (w) x 102.5 (h) x 85.5 (d) mm
1,097 grams with f/1.4 standard lens. 145 (w) x 102.5 (h) x 80 (d) mm
973 grams with f/1.8 standard lens