The Konica AutoReflex Camera


PICTURE SIZE: 24 X 36 mm and 18 X 24 mm (half-frame),
picture size changeable
FILM: 35 mm film in safety cartridge
STANDARD LENS: Hexanon f/1.4 57 mm of 5 - group and 6 - element construction or
Hexanon f 1.8 52 mm of 5 - group and 6 - element construction.
Closest taking distance 0.45 meter (1.5 ft.)
MOUNT: Konica II bayonet mount, 47 mm diameter, 40.5 mm flange back
APERTURE DEVICE: Fully automatic aperture (automatic full opening),
manual aperture checker for depth of focus
SHUTTER: Copal Square with 1 to 1/1000 second plus
B calibrated in 1 : 1 progression. Built-in self timer, synchro MX contacts.
Coupled to all Class M bulbs at all speeds and to electronic
flash light at 1 to 1/125 second with X synchro
FINDER: Pentaprism eye-level viewfinder. Focusing is done with
micro dia-prism in center of viewfinder. Half/full frame change
marks and CdS meter visible in viewfinder
EXPOSURE ADJUSTMENT: Fully automatic EE mechanism with highly
sensitive CdS meter. Aperture scale used for manual operation
CdS METER: Reflected light type with intake angle of 26º (vertical)
and 34º (horizontal). Powered by a 1.3V mercury
battery with battery checker
ELECTRIC EYE: Coupled to EV 2 to 18 with ASA 100. Film speed scale ranges from
ASA 12 to 800 (DIN 12 to 30)
FILM WIND: Wound by single lever action. Film wind changes shutter.
Aperture automatically set. Wind angle 190º, pull-out angle 10º
FILM REWIND: Rewound by crank after rewind button is depressed.
Rewind button returns to original position
FILTERS: Screw - in type, screw diameter 55 mm, pitch 0.75 mm
HOOD: Screw - in type, 55mm
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: 145.5 (W) X 94.5 (H) X 88.5 (L) mm,
910 grams with f/1.8 lens. 145.5 (W) X 94.5 (H) X 89.5 (L) mm, 990 grams with f/1.4 lens