The Konica Model AR-T "T-4" Camera


CAMERA TYPE: 35 mm TTL (Through-the-Lens metering),
AEC (Automatic Exposure Control), SLR (Single-Lens-Reflex)
FILM: Standard 35 mm 20 or 36 exposure cassettes
FORMAT: 24 x 36 mm
STANDARD LENS OPTIONS: Konica New Hexanon AR 50 mm f/1.7
(6 elements, 5 groups)
MINIMUM FOCUSING DISTANCE: 21.7" from film plane (50 mm f/1.7)
LENS MOUNT: Konica Bayonet (47 mm diameter)
APERTURE CONTROL SYSTEM: Automatically sets correct f/stop
(or fractional f/stop) with all Konica Automatic Hexanon and Hexar lenses.
Equipped with a device for checks on depth-of-field
SHUTTER: Metallic, vertical-scanning Copal Square-FC
SHUTTER SPEEDS: Convenient top-mounted selector for all speeds
1 second to 1/1000th second plus "B" (for time exposures)
FLASH SYNCHRONIZATION: Electronic flash synchronization at all
speeds to and including 1/125th second. Built-In Hot Shoe for use with
cordless (direct contact) electronic flash units. Also features standard PC Outlet,
conveniently side-mounted
SELF-TIMER: Built-In Variable delay, range approximately 4 to 10 seconds
VIEWING SYSTEM: Parallax-Free Single Lens Reflex System.
Coated, eye-level pentaprism shows upright, un-reversed image;
apparent magnification 0.89X with 50 mm lens
FOCUSING SCREEN: Konica 3-way focusing system has split-image rangefinder
plus micro-diaprism and fine ground-glass focusing
IN-FINDER READOUTS: "Control-Center" viewfinder shows vital data at a glance:
exact lens aperture being set automatically;
under/over-exposure ranges; match-needle indicator for semi-automatic operation.
Automatically signals when in manual exposure mode
REFLEX MIRROR: Oversize, coated mirror prevents image cutoff in
finder even with bellows extensions at 1:1 magnification.
Mirror design permits automatic operation even with extreme wide-angle lenses.
Instant-return mirror action prevents image blackout after exposure
EXPOSURE CONTROL SYSTEM: Fully Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
system selects and sets correct lens aperture (or fractional aperture) automatically,
based on information obtained from dual through-the-lens
CdS cells located in pentaprism
METER POWER SOURCE: Two 1.35 Volt mercury photographic batteries,
photographic type (Mallory PX-13, PX-625, Everready EPX-625, or equivalent).
Built-in battery test circuit
EXPOSURE "MEMORY" LOCK: Memorizes and holds exposure reading to
allow precise meter operation in backlit or spotlit situations;
operates via shutter release
METER COUPLING (SENSITIVITY) RANGE: With ASA 100 film and f/1.7 lens
EV 1.5 (1 sec. at f/1.7) to EV 18 (1/1000th sec. at f/16).
Meter automatically turns off if shutter speed selected is beyond meter EV Range
LOADING: Konica Fast Loading system uses multi-slotted take-up spool
to grip film securely
FILM TRANSPORT: Single-stroke lever automatically advances film,
winds shutter, counts exposures, and prevents unwanted double exposures.
Lever returns to "ready" position away from camera body to
permit continuous operation at eye-level.
Unique spring-loaded lever action keeps lever in "ready" position until
"Off" switch is pressed
MULTIPLE EXPOSURE CONTROL: Allows convenient, foolproof
multiple exposures; control switch permits winding of shutter without
advancing film or exposure counter
UNLOADING: Oversize rapid-rewind crank permits rewinding within seconds;
cutaway film cassette chamber allows drop-out cassette removal
OTHER FEATURES: Meter/Shutter "Off" Switch locks shutter,
turns meter off; unlocked by engaging Transport Lever.
Standard 1/4" x 20 Tripod Socket. Hot Shoe has automatic "off" control to
prevent electrical shock when PC outlet is "live"

Body Only:
5.4" x 3.6" x 1.8"
(136 mm x 91 mm x 46 mm)

With 50 mm f/1.7 Lens:
5.4" x 3.6" x 3.3"
(136 mm x 91 mm x 86 mm)
Body Only:
18.7 oz. (530g)

With 50 mm f/1.7 Lens:
26.1 oz. (740g)