The Konica Model "FT-1" Camera


TYPE: 35mm focal plane shutter TTL-AE single-lens
reflex camera with built-in auto-winder

FORMAT: 24 x 36mm negative (standard 35 mm film)
Hexanon AR 40mm f/1.8
Hexanon AR 50mm f/l.8
Hexanon AR 50mm f/1.4
Hexanon AR 57mm f/1.2

LENS MOUNT: Bayonet Konica mount II
APERTURE CONTROL: Fully automatic and manual
SHUTTER: Digitally-controlled, vertical action, electronic, metal focal plane shutter
SHUTTER SPEEDS: B, 2, 1 - 1/1000 sec., equally calibrated in 1: 1 progression
SYNCHRO: Hot shoe and X contact with synchro socket, automatically set to
1/100 sec. with dedicated Auto-Electronic Flash. Manually set to
2 - 1/60 sec. with non-dedicated electronic flash. Synchronized
with M, FP and MF bulbs at 1/30 sec. and slower shutter speeds

SELF-TIMER: Digitally-controlled self-timer with a duration of 10 sec.
Operation indicated by LED. Self-timer action may be cancelled

FINDER: Pentaprism eye level finder, shows 92% of picture field
magnification 0.81 at the center. Central split-image
spot plus micro-diaprism on matte focusing screen

FINDER DISPLAY: LED dot display indicates aperture opening in AE mode,
over/under exposure warning, low voltage warning, manual mode
setting and correct aperture setting for manual mode, electronic
flash ready light, correct aperture setting for stopped-down shooting

METERING SYSTEM: TTL center-weighted metering at
the full lens opening. GaAsP cell

EXPOSURE ADJUSTMENT: Shutter-speed priority aperture control metering system.
Coupled to film speed, shutter speed and f-stop value at the full lens opening with
Hexanon AR lens (metering at full lens opening). Automatic aperture control with
priority given to shutter speed in the AE mode. Correct aperture value reading in the
manual mode. Fixed point alignment system coupled to film speed, shutter speed
and aperture with Hexanon lens, bellows, etc. (stopped down metering)

AE COUPLING RANGE: EV 0.7 (f/1.8 at 2 sec.) to EV 19
(f/22 at 1/1000 sec.) with ASA/ISO 100

MAIN SWITCH: Turns power source on and off and controls the AE lock
AE LOCK: When main switch set at 'AEL' partial depression of shutter
release shows aperture setting in finder and locks aperture at that
setting (over/under exposure warning inactive in AEL mode)

EXPOSURE COMPENSATION: ±2EV, 1/3 step intervals
(at ASA25, -2 to 0 EV, at ASA3200, +2 to 0 EV)

SHUTTER RELEASE: Electromagnetic release partial depression of
shutter activates light meter - full depression of shutter triggers shutter

SINGLE/CONTINUOUS ADVANCE: S/C switch for single frame
auto-winding or continuous-shooting at 2fps

FILM TRANSPORT CAPACITY: With 36-exposure film continuously
used at constant temperature:
more than 10 rolls with AAA alkaline batteries,
more than five rolls with AAA manganese batteries,
more than 20 rolls with AA alkaline batteries
and more than 10 rolls with AA manganese batteries
(under Konica's test conditions) before low
voltage warning appears in viewfinder

FILM LOADING: Auto-loading system
FILM ADVANCE: Auto-winding system with electric motor.
Index mark turns in the film advance window to indicate positive film wind

FILM RE-WIND: Crank system, LED end of roll indicator. Re-wind button
automatically returns to the original position. Automatic resetting frame counter

143 x 91 x 46mm, 570g (without batteries)
143 x 91 x 78mm, 740g with 50mm f/1.8 lens (without batteries)

* Specifications and design are subject to change without notice