The Konica Model "FS-1" Camera


TYPE: 35mm focal plane shutter TTL-AE single-lens reflex camera
with built-in auto-winder

FILM: 35mm film in cartridge
PICTURE SIZE: 24 x 36mm
STANDARD LENS: Konica Hexanon AR 40mm f/1.8
(five groups and six elements), closest taking distance 0.45m

MOUNT: Bayonet-type Konica mount II
APERTURE MECHANISM: AE-type fully automatic aperture with
smallest aperture at f/22
SHUTTER: Digitally-controlled, vertical travel, electronic, metal focal plane shutter
SHUTTER SPEEDS: B, 2, 1 ~ 1/1000 sec.
SYNCHRO: Hot shoe and X contact with synchro socket,
automatically set to 1/100 sec. with exclusive Konica Auto Strobo X-24.
Manually set to 2 ~ 1/60 sec. with electronic flash other than X-24.
Synchronized with M. FP and MF bulbs at 1/30 sec. and slower shutter speeds.

SELF-TIMER: Digitally-controlled electronic self-timer
FINDER: Pentaprism eye-level finder,
magnification XO.67 (at infinity with 40mm standard lens),
field-of-view ratio 90%, real-image alignment system with split-image,
micro-diaprism and mat plane

VIEW-FINDER INFORMATION: LED for one of the apertures in
range of f/1.4 ~ 22 lights for correct exposure in AE photography.
LED for f/1.0 (intermediate between M and f/1.4) flickers for under-exposure,
whereas LED for f/22 flickers for an over-exposure.
The LED for M flickers and that for one of the apertures in
range of f/1.4 ~ 22 lights up (in use of Hexanon AR lens).
LEDs for f/1.0 (intermediate between M and f/1.4) and f/22 alternately
flicker for a drop in voltage.
LED for f/1.0 (intermediate between M and f/1.4) lights up for stopped-down metering.
LED for f/5.6 or f/11 flickers for electronic light charge with exclusive X-24.

EXPOSURE ADJUSTMENT: TTL metering at full lens opening,
shutter-speed priority aperture control system with
gallium-arsenid-phosphorus compound photocell
• AE-type fully automatic aperture lens (metering at full lens opening):
Automatic aperture control system with priority given to
shutter speed selection for AE photography reading of
correct aperture value coupled to film speed,
shutter speed and f-value at full lens opening
• Manual aperture lens (stopped-down metering): System of alignment
with fixed point coupled to film speed,
shutter speed and lens aperture

AE COUPLING RANGE: EV0 (at 2 sec. with f/1.4) ~
EV19 (at 1/1000 sec. with f/22) with ASA 100.
EV 0.7 (at 2 sec. with f/2.8) ~
EV19 (at f/22 with 1/1000 sec.) with f/1.8 lens.

FILM LOADING: Konica Auto-load system
FILM WIND: Auto-advance with motor inside take-up roller
FILM RE-WIND: Crank type with film re-wind button automatically
returning to original position.

FILM COUNTER: Counts number of frames exposed with auto return to start "s"
BATTERIES: Four 1.5V AA alkali manganese dry cells
OTHERS: Exclusive electronic flash Konica Auto Strobo X-24.
Camera is automatically switched to
electronic flash photography with mounting of X-24

DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: 146 x 90 x 73mm, 700g (minus batteries) with f/1.8 lens,
146 x 90 x 46mm, 560g (minus batteries) without lens

• The description in "Lower Battery Warning Signal"
states that continuous shooting may be done at a
speed of 1.5 frames per second, and that the use of
new AA alkaline batteries makes it possible
to expose 15 rolls of 36-exposure film - until the
appearance of a low battery signal
(estimated number of exposures is based on Konica's own test results)

• The specifications and design are subject to change without notice